- Grammy for best music for children 1991.
Nominated for swedish Grammy 1995 & 2005

- Best radioprogram for young people in the Scandinavian countries 1998

Skara Skolscen - theatreschool 1969/1970
Marcel Marceaus international mimeschool in Paris 1970

Teater FEM (Göteborg) 1971-1972
Nynningen (Göteborg) 1971-1976
Skottes Musikteater (Luleå) 1976 -1981

Dalateatern (Falun) 1981-1985
Folkteatern (Gävle) 1985 -1986
Dalateatern (Falun) 1986 -1989
Byteatern (Kalmar) 1989 -1991
Teater Halland (Varberg) 1993
Sveriges Radio (Kalmar) 1993-2005
Ölands Musikteaterskola (Skogsby) 2005 - 2014
Smålands Musik & Teater (Jönköping) 2012

Former of the rockband Nynningen (1971 - 1980) which collaborated with Nationalteatern during the year of the 70th. Nynningen became one of the most important bands in Sweden during this period.

Also former of Skottes Musikteater (1976) who still is one of the most important theatregroups working with theatre for younger people.

Programs for children in Sveriges Radio / Swedish broadcasting company
SR Luleå, SR Falun, SR Växjö & SR Kalmar (1984 – 2005) During the period of 1993 - 2005 produced over 1.500 programs. HäJKån BÄjKåN became one of the strongest profiles in making radio and music for children.

Programs and series for Sveriges Television SVT.

"En fralla för alla" (1976)
- with Thomas Wiehe, Johannes Brost and Turid.
Children-TV from Malmö SVT – script and acting

"Lördax" (1977/1978)
Children-TV from Luleå SVT - acting

"Honungslejonet" (1981)
- with Olle Thörnquist and Kalle Zerpe (Skottes Musikteater)
Children-TV from Luleå SVT – script and acting

"Kapten Gustavssons loppcirkus" (1985)
- with Bo Hammarlund and Ulla Sjöblom. Music by Ale Möller.
Children-TV from Falun SVT – script and acting

Man mognar med åren (1972) NYNNINGEN
För full hals (1973) NYNNINGEN – based on the poems from Majakovskij
1974 (1974) NYNNINGEN
Ingenting står stilla (1978) TOMAS FORSSELL
Nya tider (1980) TOMAS FORSSELL
Häjkån! Bäjkån! (1989) TOMAS FORSSELL – music for children
Häjkån! Mera Bäjkån! (1990) TOMAS FORSSELL – music for children
Bäjkån och Bällman (1991) TOMAS FORSSELL – music for children
Är du så barnslig, eller?(1993) TOMAS FORSSELL – music for children
Dunder och vagabonder (1994) TOMAS FORSSELL – music for children
I Indialand (1997) TOMAS FORSSELL – music for children
Balla Balla (2001) TOMAS FORSSELL – music for children
Himla Bra Bäjkån (2005) TOMAS FORSSELL – music for children
Bäjkån och Bällman (2012) - theatre and music for children

Since 2005 former of Ölands Musikteaterskola/The Musictheatre School, one of the courses in Ölands Folkhögskola which is based on art-education: painting, documentaryfilm, design, writing and musictheatre.

Also been involved with the project " PACSEA" – a collaboration between Swedish culturalworkes and dancers, acters, setdesigners, directors, sound- and lightdesigners from Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya an Ethiopia.
The project was supported by the Swedish goverment thru SIDA.

Ölands Musikteaterskola (Skogsby) 2005/2014 – Ölands Folkhögskola
Sound design for theatre (Nairobi) 2007
Sound design for theatre (Addis Ababa) 2008


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